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  • Stephanie Raby

Special for Christmas

If you have been to our store recently you will have seen, but if you haven't, we have been gearing up for Christmas like the best of them! Of course, we didn't start as early as Halloween, but we have put in a lot of thought to our new seasonal items. We have a number of gifts out for Christmas time that are beautiful as well as not too hard on your pocketbook because we know that while you want to have wonderful presents, you also have many people to shop for.

I am only giving a small sampling of them here because these photos don't really do them justice; they are much more spectacular in person.

We are especially excited because we have had the opportunity to include a very sentimental item in our collection - hand painted eggs from Salzburg, Austria. I don't want to say much about them now because I am going to do a special post on them in about a week , so stay tuned!

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