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  • Stephanie Raby

First Photo Submission

Hey Everyone!

So not too long ago we put a shout out on Facebook asking all of you - casual visitors, customers, friends, and family - to send in photos of either your trip to Black Swan or of some pieces that you bought from us and what you did with them.

We wanted to share with you our very first submission from one of our visitors John Gibson! He took some really stunning photos of the Music of the Spheres Chimes in the tree outside our shop. What an eye! Thank you so much John! You guys should go check out all of his work at

Now you guys might not have fancy cameras or be able to take photos like this, but we aren't looking for professional quality photo so DONT BE INTIMIDATED! We want to see whatever you have to offer and we want to feature it on our Facebook, Instagram, and Website! We are looking forward to seeing more photos from you all!

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