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  • Stephanie Raby

New Shipment Just In!

This week has been super exciting for all of us at Black Swan! First, we got back from our buying trip in England with a new shipment expected to arrive in September if everything goes as expected! Second, after having received our most recent shipment a few weeks ago, we finally got to unpack everything and put it out on the floor.

It is always a family affair getting the shipment ready for the floor - everyone comes in and brings food and spends all day working to get the pieces marked and up on display. Those of us who hadn't gone on the last buying trip had only seen some of the pieces that would be coming in so it was almost like a second Christmas unwrapping each new piece!

We have some particularlly unique pieces this time and as those of you know who have followed our previous shipments, the best pieces sometimes don't make it past even the first few days. So come in a see us and all the cool stuff we just got in!

It is hard to really show how impressive that back scale is without standing next to it.... but it is HUGE and beautiful! It would make such an impressive piece in any house!

Ooooo..... Guess what?! We found that 'matching' lecturn (i.e. from the same church) to this offeratory box during our last trip to England. Yay! Would those pieces make a formidable pair?!

[On a side note.... did you konw that Boots still exists in England? It is a pharmacy store rather similar to CVS or Walgreens.]

One last thing.... we also have an instagram and it would be AWESOME if you you guys could go out there and follow us @blackswanonline! We will try to be posting pieces everyday with a little info about each one (such as this neat horse above!) And if you happen to snap some photos while you are in the shop, don't forget to tag us - #blackswangruene


Black Swan

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