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  • Stephanie Raby

Sounds of Summer

Well... summer is finally starting to feel like summer. It hasn't quite gotten to 100 degrees yet for any significant amount of time, but the 90's feel hot enough! But that also means perfect weather for swimming, kayaking, and tubing in rivers which is lots of fun! Though, from what we've seen, the ongoing drought has been hard on our rivers and they are not quite ideal for doing any of those activities at the moment.

Yesterday, we got a chance to record all of our chimes and boy was it fun! The hardest one to get a good recording of was our contra bass chime because it is the only one we don't have hanging inside so we had to fight bugs, cars, people, and birds to get a somewhat O.K. recording. You never realize how many noises there are until you are trying to be as silent as possible! Who knew those blasted bugs were soooo loud! Anyhow, if you guys would like to hear the recordings (which we highly recommend since the chimes are pretty dang awesome!) check out our new website page - Chimes - and look at the bottom of the page!

Speaking of creatures that make some summer noise, there have been flocks of birds all over our Mr.Bird feeders recently. We have two dangling of the corner of the porch. It is entertaining to watch the birds and squirrels fight over it! One of my favourite parts of summer is seeing all the wonderful birds that come out, in particular the Painted Bunting! We haven't seen one on our feeder at the shop, but we do have our other favourite bird, the Cardinal! They are pretty nifty looking all proud and bright red!

Also speaking of birds and bugs! We just got a new order of Rustic ducks in yesterday and they are some of the most beautiful we have had yet! And... in the next few days, we should get a new order of Pheromone insects! Yay! We are getting a moon moth which is native to Madagascar and is huge!!! We recommend doing a google search and looking at some pictures. They are incredible! To read a bit about moon moths, take a look at the wiki article (everyones favourite information source!)

We hope you get a chance to visit us soon to hear and see all this for yourself!

Look forward to seeing you!

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