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  • Stephanie Raby

It's that time of year again...

A week into December and Christmas music (which somehow manages to get cheesier every year) has gradually taken over nearly every radio station and stores are exploding with Christmas decorations galore (have been on display in stores as early as Halloween! It gets earlier and earlier every year...).

We want to invite you to get away from the main stream hype and come visit our store in the picturesque, Greune TX! You may be searching for some extra gifts for loved ones or coworkers, or you may just want a relaxing day out - whatever the reason we would be so pleased to have you stop in! Not only do we have some really cool unique antiques (yay for awesome rhyming), but we have some one of a kind items we have gotten in especially for Christmas.

So grab a hot drink from the wonderful little coffee shop down the street and take a lovely walk in the beautiful Texas winter to come visit us!

We look forward to seeing you!

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